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Gain Big and Give Back

Financial Planning with Intention

Many investors lack confidence or are misinformed when it comes to their finances. Financial “gurus” tout advice that lead people down convoluted paths. Untold fortunes are spent by countless Americans hoping to not be left behind in their own future. However, the best wealth-building plan eschews pop, flash, and gimmickry in favor of simple, time-tested methods: sticking patiently to a well-devised financial plan; buying and holding dependable, low-cost, high-value assets for the long run; taking advantage of underutilized tax benefits; and optimizing your options for health care and charitable giving in retirement. It isn’t magic, and it doesn’t have to be. It just works.

In Gain Big and Give Back, Patrick Rush distills his decades of expertise into a comprehensive guide that focuses on pre-retirees and retirees but is a functional tool for anyone hoping to make the best moves with their money.

As we approach the greatest wealth transfer in history, it is important to remember how Baby Boomers were able to accrue this affluence. They didn’t achieve it through subterfuge or secret knowledge, but by following simple, age-old, established rules for saving and investing. In Gain Big and Give Back, Patrick Rush, who worked in all facets of the financial services industry before launching his own independent wealth management firm, shares his playbook for becoming wealthy and using that wealth to live with purpose.

Starting with developing and adhering to a comprehensive plan, Rush explains how to navigate the tricky family dynamics of talking about money and makes a compelling case for evidence-based investing that emphasizes long-term gains over short-term speculation by letting the markets work for you.

With disarming humility and a strong sense of humanity, Gain Big and Give Back is about people first and finance second; money, Rush writes, is simply a means to an end. Gain Big and Give Back will empower you to achieve both.

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Retire Wealthy

You don’t have to settle for whatever retirement brings. Within any retirement plan, there are opportunities to be proactive and seize opportunities for a more financially independent retirement. By following some of the same fundamentals that guide the retirement plans of the one-percent, you can achieve a retirement that prioritizes your goals, supports the causes you care about, and builds a lasting legacy for you and your family. Few will have a billion dollars by the time they retire, but the retirement of your dreams is within reach. Find out how.

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